Presentation slides from SOA Life and Annuity Reinsurance Seminar

Thanks to so many of you who attended the SOA Life and Annuity Reinsurance Seminar in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Tim's presentation slides on modeling and managing policyholder behavior risk are here.

A busy September is coming up. Hope to see you in our travels...

Eric Halpern and Tim Paris will be moderating a few sessions at the SOA's first-ever Predictive Analytics Symposium, and we are delighted to be one of the corporate sponsors for this exciting event.

Tim Paris will be attending the BILTIR Life and Annuity Conference. Keynote speaker is a long-time favorite of our's and many...

Both events are still open for registration.

September 14 - 15, 2017

Swissotel Chicago
Chicago, IL

September 19, 2017



Organizational news at Ruark

Hi folks, a few quick updates so you are acquainted with who's doing what for you in our shop: * Sally Osit has taken on the new role of Chief Administrative Officer, responsible for centralized functions such as project management, IT, HR, and administration for Ruark's large block of annuity reinsurance treaties. * Eric Halpern has recently joined us as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for leading our consulting operations, with a primary focus on policyholder behavior analytics, including industry- and company-level experience studies, predictive modeling and assumption model development, and related client projects. The rest of our team is still here and as vital as ever, myself hopefully included. Congratulations to Sally and Eric in their new roles. We know that these changes will help us to more efficiently provide the excellent products and services that you have come to know and expect from us. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions. Tim

2017 SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium

ValAct | Ruark | Behavioral Analytics
Tim Paris will be speaking at the SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium, session 19, on one of my favorite topics -- Behavioral Analytics for Annuities. This will include a tour of recent policyholder behavior experience across the industry of VA and FIA products, effective use of predictive modeling techniques on this complex data, and sample model output and metrics. See you in TX.