Variable annuity deferral bonuses are working

Check out the article the Retirement Income Journal published regarding our Spring 2018 variable annuity (VA) policyholder behavior study.  Go to the article.


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More VA Owners Are Tapping Their GLWBs For Retirement Income

Our recent VA study results have been in the news lately. Check out the article in &

Podcast - Growing Your Company’s Predictive Analytics Capabilities.

Steve Wright and Tim Paris participated in this podcast of the Society of Actuaries' Predictive Analytics and Futurism section.

Predictive Analytics Case Study – Growing Your Company’s Capabilities

February 22, 2017

Length: 16:11

Sponsor: Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section

Description: Listen in as Shea Parkes, FSA, MAAA interviews Timothy Paris, FSA, MAAA and Steve Wright, FSA, MAAA from Ruark Consulting.  Tim and Steve have developed predictive analytics expertise at their company over the last few years.  They share stories from that journey and some suggested resources for others wanting to do the same.


SOA Leadership & Development Section newsletter article by Timothy Paris

I find leadership inspiration in many places—books and movies, fiction and nonfiction, old and new, widely popular and niche. But I tend to revert to the classics. And from a leadership standpoint, I think that... Read the rest of the article here in The Stepping Stone SOA Newsletter.