Online meeting May 20 – Highlights from 2020 FIA Industry Studies

Thanks to the many of you who joined this online meeting!

Discussion slides are here – Ruark BAAC 20200520 – 2020 FIA Industry Studies.


FIA folks, this one is for you.  (And yes, as shown above, GLIB income commencement is sensitive to moneyness).

We thank those of you who have already purchased our 2020 FIA industry studies of policyholder behavior. We have held online meetings with many others over the last couple months to share highlights from our 2020 FIA industry studies including our first-ever FIA mortality table. This meeting on May 20 was intended for those with whom we had not yet had a chance to meet (online). Please let me know if you would like to schedule a separate meeting to aid your purchase decisions.

Lots of data:

  • Total exposure years grew to 23 million, a 21% increase over last year’s study
  • Double the exposure years for GLIB contracts past the end of the surrender charge period
  • GLIB exposure constituted 44% of exposure overall, and 49% of exposure in the last 12 study months
  • 39% increase in lifetime income withdrawals, to $5.4 billion
  • The study data comprised over 4 million policyholders from 17 participating companies spanning the 12-year period from 2007-2019, with $296 billion in account value as of the end of the period

Discussion slides are here – Ruark BAAC 20200520 – 2020 FIA Industry Studies.

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