Behavioral Analytics for Annuities - Presentation slides from 2017 SOA Life & Annuity Symposium

Behavioral Analytics for Annuities - presentation slides from 2017 SOA Life & Annuity Symposium (session 82). Thanks to those attending...great interactive discussion.

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How well can you model GLWB behavior?

In collaboration with UCONN's Goldenson Center for Actuarial Research, we have developed a remarkable approach to modeling policyholder behavior for deferred annuities (particularly GLWB income utilization), with strong goodness of fit to historical data and high predictive power. All of this is fueled by industry-level data, and then tailored to each company using credibility procedures. Actuaries, A/E ratios in the 99-101% range?! Yes, it can be done. Hit us up.