When Is Your Own Data Not Enough?

Published in The Actuary magazine of the SOA, June/July 2018.

How using external data can strengthen results.

Related notes:

  • Our spring 2018 VA and FIA industry experience studies included over $1.1 trillion in current account values.  Highlights and media coverage.
  • Triennial VA and FIA mortality studies are on the way this summer.
  • We continue to be very busy with client work, developing customized predictive models that balance relevant industry-level data with company- and product-level data, with quantifiable improvement in goodness-of-fit and predictive power relative to company-only data.  Like hedging and reinsurance, this is an investment in risk management, not an expense.
  • Details to come of our plans for 2019, including expansion to other products such as traditional fixed deferred and payout annuities.
  • Contact us with feedback or to learn more about participation or purchase.